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台中雲海攝影之旅 (15-18.12.2017)
IMG_2625 Chiang Mai
幾絲晨霧 幾聲雞鳴 幾縷炊煙  北彊金秋
IMG_2188 Chiang Rai
View of the main entrance of the island, taken from the main jetty The Residence Maldives - Panorama views
  There is no lens wide enough that can capture the entire beauty of the island and its surroundings. These panorama shots were just a few of my feeble attempts...
As usual, the Maldivian Airline always delays... the whole journey took us around 1 hr. Last time when we took this to Koodoo we had to sit facing backwards The Residence Maldives - the Journey
  Getting to The Residence Maldives was definitely not an easy feat. Basically it took us 10 hours to get from HK-SG-Male-Koodoo-Hotel and there was basically no room for any delays throughout, especially for the domestic flight to Koodoo which was the last flight of the day.   But our flight from Singapore to Male was indeed delayed because we had to wait for a couple from HK and we almost missed the last domestic flight. Luckily we made it at the end! Phew~
The Residence Maldives - Marine Life
  One of the reasons why I tolerated such a hellish travelling time to this island was because of the excellent coral reef and its close proximity to the island   If you were lucky to get a sunset facing villa, all you needed is the ability to fin for 5 minutes and you will be rewarded with the splendid view of the Falhumaafushi reef! (OK the turtle was from another place...)
Poor flamingo was grounded after being told off not able to swim in the Infinity Pool The Residence Maldives - Infinity Pool
  A huge swimming pool in Maldives is definitely considered to be nice-to-have as you have the whole sea right in front of you or your own private pool should you want some fresh water. However there will always be some poor souls like us who don't have their own private pools yet fancy for a quick swim or two in fresh water.....   ... and not to mention you also get the pool bar, the atmosphere and the music too....
Last day we had enough of appetizers. So the main was skewers The Residence Maldives - F & B
  In the old days, food in Maldives was not really something to look forward to and definitely was not the gem of the trip. It turned out that food could also be exceptional if you were willing to pay a bit more and we were certainly impressed by the quality and selection of choices.    I would especially recommend to try out the fine dining in the Falhumaa, not just for the quality of the food but also for the special view and atmosphere!
Sunset@Maldives Residence The Residence Maldives - the Villas
  During this trip we stayed in both the beach villa and the water villa. I must admit the decoration or the setup  definitely was not one of the most grandest or luxurious we have seen, but it provided a spacious, comfy and relaxing place for our stay.   and we also managed to get one of the best spots available.... each day you will be rewarded with a sunset view in your villa and the close proximity to the house reef meant I could swim to there within minutes. What more can I say?
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