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1875_IMG_8034 14Jan2018 Niseko back HK
1700_IMG_4038 11to13Jan2018 Niseko
On the way to Sapporo for shopping 9to10Jan2018
Sapporo 札幌 ~shopping :P
1314_IMG_3787 8Jan2018 Day4 Furano
Furano 富良野 Bien 美瑛住宿
1237_IMG_7609 7Jan2018 Day 3 Furano
Furano 富良野
1109_IMG_7536 6Jan2018 Day 2 Sapporo to Furano
Sapporo 札幌 Furano 富良野
1017_IMG_7452 5Jan2018 Day 1 Tokyo
Asakusa 淺草  Shibuya 涉谷

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