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My LONDON Footprints
2016 & 2017
IMG_9931 東瀛∼花之季節 2017 April
2P4A9437.1600 雞遊老美西......南   2017 
Splendid view of the Bay of Kotor and its triangular wedge of the old city Kotor
  Kotor is definitely the no.1 of the must-see places in Montenegro. It is an UNESCO world heritage town with some churches, palaces and also allowed you to climb the city wall.   Of course one could not easily compare with its neighbour city of Dubrovnik@Croatia, but it is definitely less commericalized and crowded and and it really sets you back into the medieval times.
IMG_4313_copy_sr Tsing Yi Nature Trail outing 2017-05-07
03_RXX Tibet 20
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